The SSV Series Checkweigher, available from Anritsu Industrial Solutions( offers improved signal processing and scale resolution through Smart Measurement Function (SMF) technology.

Manufacturers in the food, industrial and pharmaceutical markets can rely on the checkweigher technology to minimize unnecessary rejects, maximize line productivity and ensure improved compliance. Additionally, the SSV Series brings greater efficiencies to production lines by providing weights of each package produced, offering the processor accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements to efficiently operate production lines and ultimately save money.

Anritsu products are also known for their consistency and simple no-tool maintenance, all at a smaller footprint than other market offerings. Building on performance capabilities, the SSV Series requires a minimum of time for setup and a lower price than other technologies, delivering quick and efficient ROI. In addition, a metal detection option provides a quality control check to further assure your product is ‘clean’ of metal contaminants.

Anritsu offers a multitude of options found from their three series of checkweighers; the entry level/economy based line, a wash down series and the high rate/high accuracy series, for a total of over 600 models, guaranteeing a fit with any budget.

“As a global checkweigher manufacturer, Anritsu continues to innovate and provide leading edge accuracies to all the markets we serve, delivered thru over 600 model solutions. Because the technologies all focus on allowing production lines to run more efficiently, achieve better accuracy, and control auto fills better, it’s really opened our customer’s eyes to a whole new level of productivity.” says Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA.