Milliken & Company’s ( technical expertise and performance-enhancing additive solutions for polyolefins will be among the highlights at next year’s Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC) and National Plastics Exhibition (NPE) 2015 in Orlando, Fla., March 23-27. Herrin Hood, global product line manager at Milliken, will share the company’s cutting-edge, technological developments in polypropylene (PP) through his presentation, titled “Nucleation of Polypropylene: A New and Practical Approach to the Measurement of Stiffness (Modulus) Performance.” On NPE’s exhibit floor at booth #S12001, Milliken will showcase new benefits of its advanced additive technologies that respond to four key industry demands: clarity and aesthetics, productivity improvements, sustainability and property optimization.

“Milliken’s dedication to its customers’ success drives our ongoing investment in next-generation additive technologies for the polyolefin industry,” said Wim Van De Velde, director of marketing for Plastics Additives at Milliken. “Our innovations help solve top challenges facing converters, designers and brand owners, including breakthrough aesthetics and material properties, higher performance and productivity and enhanced sustainability. Milliken will continue to lead by applying our deep market insights and technological expertise to our customers’ evolving requirements.”

Continuous Innovation in Additives Technologies

Ultra Clear PP, featuring the revolutionary, glass-like clarity and bright appearance provided by Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifying agent, is steadily replacing traditional polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polystyrene (PS) as the material of choice in thermoformed packaging. At its booth, Milliken will provide comparisons between Ultra Clear PP and these other materials, including the weight reductions that can be achieved by using lower-density PP resin.

A major focus of Milliken’s exhibit will be its newly launched Hyperform® HPN 210 M nucleating agent for injection-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) used in material handling applications. This breakthrough technology features a unique crystalline orientation that allows for higher productivity, increased stiffness, reduced warpage and a higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) compared to traditional HDPE, elevating its performance to levels approaching those of PP impact copolymers. In addition to demonstrating its many performance benefits, Milliken will display the new industrial applications where this versatile nucleating agent can be used. Page 2 of 3

For PE, Milliken’s Hyperform® HPN 20E nucleating agent will be on display showcasing its improved barrier performance and physical properties, as well as productivity gains. For PP, Hyperform HPN 20E nucleating agent’s unique orientation of polymer crystal growth, superior dimensional control, optimal balance of physical properties and exceptional modulus in three-dimensional parts, makes it the best choice for injection molding in automotive, appliance and industrial applications. Hood’s ANTEC presentation will expand on the many benefits of this technology versus using phosphate esters.

The company will also discuss the expanding use of its Hyperform® HPR-803i reinforcing agent by major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier suppliers due to increasing industry demand for lightweight interior and exterior parts. Hyperform HPR-803i additive enables high-performance polyolefin compounds with reduced densities when compared to the use of traditional fillers, supporting efforts to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.