Case inspection is done through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface panel that displays the inspected image and provides inspection controls and pass/fail statistics.

A beverage manufacturer was experiencing issues with case packing orientation and count errors, which were resulting in customer complaints and machine downtime due to jams.

Acquire Automationdeveloped a complete inspection system integrated to an existing case packer to solve these issues. The intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) and inspection system uses an Iris GT smart camera fromMatrox Imagingfor imaging and tool algorithm execution. The solution was installed within the case packer to count and verify the orientation of 40- and 50-count cases of shrink wrapped and non-shrink wrapped juice boxes.

The system detects the following errors:
•    box flap/tab up
•    crushed boxes/extra boxes/rotated boxes (result in crushing)
•    missing boxes
•    splices
•    damaged trays

The system automatically saves failed inspection images for subsequent evaluation. The HMI provides log-in securities to prevent unauthorized personnel from altering the system, and includes detailed product counters for data collection and trending. 

The solution has received extremely positive feedback from the customer since it has resolved their packing orientation and count errors. The vision system not only works to identify product issues, but it also helps to quickly identify a process issue and, often, the root cause of the failure.

Established in 1997, Acquire Automation is an independently owned and operated automation solutions and services provider headquartered in Fishers (Indianapolis), IN, USA.