Fogg Filler(, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is taking another step to extend shelf life by offering a Chemical Microb-Blaster for Bottles to create longer contact times in the interior of the bottle and sanitize the exterior of the bottle. 

With Fogg’s traditional rinsing methods you can choose to add a second turret to your rinser.  The first turret will rinse with chemical and the second with water for a very effective sanitizing process. But, at high production speeds, sometimes there is not enough space or budget to add contact time to effectively reach desired log reductions. That is why the Chemical Microb-Blaster has been created. 

The Chemical Microb-Blaster for Bottles is positioned immediately before the rinser to spray the exterior and interior of the bottles. This process will also eliminate the worry of contaminates carrying through from the conveyor belt. As the chemical drains off the exterior of the bottles, it drains through the conveyor belt for sanitation and caught in a trough below that is funneled back to the Rinse Recovery System. All chemicals are reclaimed, filtered, and re-heated to the proper temperatures to ensure the proper concentrations on every bottle.