Fogg Filler (, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves customers and the environment. Fogg is seeing a renewed interest in hot-filling products and wants to let customers know some of the unique features that Fogg offers for hot-filling applications.

The biggest advantage of the Fogg hot filling technology is the elimination of recirculation. During short stops the product that cools first is inside the valve’s body. Fogg enables users to retrieve only the cooled product and either recirculate it or dump it. For longer stops, users will be able to retrieve the entire bowl’s product and recirculate it back to the pasteurizer. A pasteurizer will not need 20% extra capacity because all of the produced will be bottled.  

Temperature management for hot-fill applications has been made simple with using the Fogg recovery trough. The built-in sensor allows you to manage product temperature in the bowl and filling valve tip temperatures, when line stops occur. The operator can easily send the trough into position to purge the cooled product in the valves until production can be resumed, sending only a small amount of product back to rework.

If a company is cold-filling on a new Fogg and would like to switch it to hot-fill, it can be as easy as warming up the product. Fogg’s proven technology helps lower operating costs and provides the highest level of reliability for production lines.