Cains Foods has been producing and marketing high-quality mayonnaise, dressings and related products for 90 years. In early 2010, Cains was preparing for a new package relaunch of its Naturally Delicious salad dressing product line. For several years, Cains had used multiple packages for the Naturally Delicious dressing. To enhance productivity and efficiency, Cains wanted to consolidate the product packaging into a single design. From a colorful new label to an improved dispensing closure, the company also wanted to create a more upscale, functional package that would appeal to discerning buyers of fine foods.

Using package design to drive shelf impact

The original dressing bottle had a fitment inside it, which allowed for product dispensing. To be compatible with the new design while maintaining dispensing capabilities, Cains wanted an attractive flip-top closure that would allow the consumer to easily and neatly pour the product without spilling, glugging or causing a mess in the closure orifice, all problems that are typical of salad dressing dispensing. In addition, the top had to close securely to avoid leakage if the bottle tipped over in the refrigerator, yet still open easily for the consumer, ideally with “one-hand open” capability.

Another objective for the new package was to improve the overall package appeal in order to increase shelf space at grocery stores. The Naturally Delicious bottle was approximately three inches wide and did not command the optimum amount of banner space on the store shelf. Cains’ designers realized that a more contemporary appearance would help the product’s appeal to both retailers and consumers.

When Cains contacted its previous closure supplier about the new packaging requirements, the company informed Cains that its lead time had unexpectedly tripled. Cains’ product marketers were on a strict deadline and could not work under the suppliers’ revised production schedule.

Helping enhance the consumer’s ‘defining moment’

Cains had worked with Weatherchem (, a supplier of dispensing closures, prior to this project.  When they realized its other supplier would no longer be able to provide a solution in time for the new package roll-out, Cains contacted Weatherchem and requested closure samples of Weatherchem’s LiquiFlapper product for testing. In a very short time, the company received the samples and began testing the products for ease of flow.

Cains saw that the LiquiFlapper 38 mm closure’s teardrop orifice was ideal for its Naturally Delicious product, since it allowed the salad dressing to flow evenly and smoothly.

LiquiFlapper closures provide a variety of advantages to package designers; as a one-piece system, it doesn’t need to be unscrewed; it flips open and snaps closed with an audible snap, assuring the consumer of a tight, leak-resistant seal that locks in freshness and provides security; and it can be opened and closed with one hand, providing convenience to the average consumer and a system that both seniors and small kids with less dexterity appreciate.

The LiquiFlapper also features a handy cut-off lip. Tilting the container back slightly immediately cuts off the flow of product. A simple and elegant solution, this gives the consumer a very high level of control over the flow rate. The LiquiFlapper’s butterfly hinge means the lid stays open while pouring, so it doesn’t create a mess by getting in the way of the liquid’s flow, and the teardrop orifice eliminates glugging by allowing air to pass over the outbound stream of liquid.

In addition, Weatherchem customized the LiquiFlapper closure for Cains by providing the cap in a color that was not standard for the LiquiFlapper product, but fit the best with Cains’ package design. Weatherchem also supplied a safety liner inserted in the closure. This flexibility helped Cains meet their exact package specifications and optimize the appearance of the finished product.  

New package design meets objectives

Now that the new package has been launched, Cains is seeing immediate impact from the new design.  Unlike some closures that are square and chunky in shape, the LiquiFlapper offers a lower, smoother profile that gives the overall product package a more contemporary appearance. Customers appreciate its ease of use, while many retailers have provided positive feedback on its sleek, innovative design.

In addition, Cains is now occupying more shelf space at stores. By increasing the width of the bottle to 4.25 inches, the company has gained 12 inches of shelf space that helps create a greater visual impact across eight products. The company’s retailers also prefer the new package, because it occupies less depth on the shelf.

The LiquiFlapper closure has also helped Cains reduce its production expenses. Making the LiquiFlapper its standard closure for all Naturally Delicious products has helped Cains simplify and streamline production, saving valuable storage space and labor hours.