Bay Ridge Design Group( is pleased to announce  Stick Snacks™ (, a proprietary new package design technology that incorporates bonding elements, allowing products to be displayed and stored in myriad of new places. Stick Snacks easily attach to surfaces in retail, home, office and school environments making them highly visible, accessible, and substantially more versatile.

Stick Snacks are an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of food products including candy, chocolates, nuts, chips, cereals, snack mixes, gum & mints. “Stick Snacks are so exciting because they capture underutilized vertical space and create an irresistible attractor that consumers will instantly reach for,” comments Heather Forcillo, Stick Snacks Co-Creator and Bay Ridge Design Group Principal. "Stick Snacks offer an entirely new level of convenience in an individual package size that makes sense for today’s health conscious and active lifestyles” said Forcillo.

In the retail setting, Stick Snacks adhere magnetically to existing metal surfaces and checkout counter displays. At home, Stick Snacks attach to appliances and can be placed within view and easy reach of the entire family. In the office, Stick Snacks attach to desks and filing cabinets, and can be stored on carousels in break areas or conference rooms. At school, Stick Snacks adhere to lockers and fit easily in backpacks, purses or gym bags.

Licensing opportunities are available for Stick Snacks by product category on a limited or exclusive basis.

Bay Ridge Design Group is an independent product development company focused on commercializing innovative intellectual property located in Rockport, ME.