Premier Tech Chronos( has developed the first bag hanger that can grow with your packaging needs and requirements. The PTH-900 Series’ Open-Mouth Bagger is a truly innovative modular approach, from semi-automatic to fully automatic with basically the same footprint. It is designed to bag powdery and granular products such as bakery mixes, flour, rice, sugar, food additives, grains, etc. into gusseted and pillow-type bags. It can handle paper, plastic and laminated poly woven bags at up to 20 bags per minute. This automatic bag placer has a modular design, which can be upgraded to a fully automated bagger that re-forms the bag, removes it from the spout and carries it into the closing system. ANDY is the “Robotic Bag Transfer System” (patent pending) that completes the automation of the PTH-900 Series. It is definitely a very affordable automated bagging system that can fit almost any application.