Submitted by Procepack Inc.

For many, the automation of the packaging line is a big step in the growth of a business. There are a lot of benefits in automation. In example, the production speed is significantly increasing, the workforce is reduced and the products are standard from one to another. However, this automation project can cost a lot of money and energy.

Used is the key

There’s a solution to enjoy the benefits without breaking the bank: buy used! The used packaging equipment are the best way to automate your production at a lower cost. You need to be careful when you buy used packaging equipment, because there are some brokers in this business who buy and sell used equipment without testing it or without offering a refurbish service.

However, when you find the right company, you’ll explore so much advantage from new. To name only a few: the price is way lower (i.e.: at least 50% cheaper than new at Procepack Inc.), the lead time is a lot faster (no need to manufacture the machine), buying all the line at the same place, and many more.

Too good to be true

When you buy used, the benefits can be turned into nightmares if you’re not careful with who you chose. Many resellers don’t know anything about packaging equipment and buy without even knowing what it is. You don’t want them as a partner in the automation of your packaging line.

As I said earlier, this is a big step for a company, and you don’t want to miss your shot. When it’s too good to be true, it’s not! What is true is that you can pay at least 50% cheaper than new, for a very good machine, completely refurbished and with a peerless after sale services.

Automation can be scary, but it’s a must to grow a competitive company and with a good partner, it becomes a piece of cake. You can contact the Procepack’s team for all your automation project, they know what they do and they do it great. For more information, go to