Sealed Air’sCryovac® brand ( announces the expansion of its convenience-focused Oven Ease™ technology with new Oven Ease™ Rollstock material. The ovenable rollstock delivers a convenient solution for consumers looking to simplify preparation of home cooked meals. Enabling a wider range of products to utilize ovenable solutions, it allows pre-seasoned or marinated items to be cooked inside the same material in which it is packaged.

The benefits of ovenable material are simplified preparation, faster and unattended cooking and easier cleanup for busy consumers. Featuring exceptional clarity and utilizing the same vacuum packaging properties as the Oven Ease bag, the ovenable rollstock ensures the product is freezer-ready and accommodates cook-from-raw or reheat applications. After cooking, Oven Ease rollstock offers impressive holding time, keeping items hot in the package long after being removed from the oven.

The rollstock runs on most traditional rollstock thermoforming equipment, allowing an easy changeover, thus enabling processors utilizing rollstock the opportunity to enter the ovenable category without incurring the expense of new equipment.

Available in sizes of up to 5 lbs, the material is ideal for poultry and boneless beef and pork roast cuts. Cooking temperatures can withstand 375 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 4 hours.