O.Berk’s Plaza Square Jars feature flat sides that are ideal for labeling and decorating, and a form that delivers outstanding functionality. The square shape provides a broad billboard effect for label, silk-screen and hot stamped designs, and the integrated grip makes handling them simple and easy.

Available in clear PET, Plaza Square Jars come in 16-ounce, 32-ounce, 1/2-gallon and 1-gallon sizes. Theirdurability makes them well suited for picnics, camping, and just about any outdoor activity. The wide mouth provides convenient access to the package contents. They also can be paired with plastic flapper caps to allow both shaker and spoon dispensing. Plaza Jars are a great choice for dry goods like spices, grains, cereals, nuts, pretzels, teas, candy and many more. The larger capacity sizes are great options for brands sold at big box stores.