Schneider Electric (, a global specialist in energy management, today announced a range of wireless and battery-less push buttons.  Offering maximum freedom and mobility for plant personnel by eliminating wires, this functionality becomes invaluable in industrial environments, where personnel and equipment rarely stay stationary, such as conveyance machines in automotive, mining, and logistics applications and palletizers and bottling machines in food and beverage applications. 

Schneider Electric’s new Harmony XB5R offers users:

Enhanced mobility and protection – As the wireless signals can be passed through doors, walls and floors, the operator can now remotely control machines at a distance of up to 25 meters (82 feet). Equipment operators have the added option to send a one-time radio message to one or multiple receivers, or sync up to 32 push buttons with one receiver. In harsh industrial environments, remote operation provides added protection for both users and equipment.

Continuous operation and a greener environment - The battery-less solution offers permanent availability, contributes to a greener environment and eliminates the need for battery maintenance, recharging and reloading and recycling costs.
  •  20% savings on installation costs as compared to traditional wired solutions - The wireless technology featured in the Harmony XB5R eliminates cable and associated accessories between the pushbutton and the electrical cabinet.

  • “Ready to use” wireless solution: Ready to use packages, with transmitter and receiver already paired, make the ordering process simple and contribute to the fast implementation.

  • Additional transmitters - Additional ZB4 and ZB5 transmitters are available as components. An external antenna, to extend the signal transmission, and an ergonomics box for remote use are available as accessories.