Amcor Rigid Plastics, a division of Amcor, introduces its 24-oz round, wide-mouth PET jar for the food industry. The stock hot-fill container is a lightweight replacement for glass for pasta sauces, apple sauce, salsas, jams and jellies, and other food products filled at temperatures up to 205°F.

Conversion from glass to PET not only improves a brand owner’s environmental stance but its market position with consumers as well. Users, particularly families with children, will now be able to enjoy the consumer-friendly benefits of PET including lightweight, easy opening, and much improved product evacuation. Also high on the list of key features is the unbreakable design, transparency, and the environmental benefits of a lightweight and recyclable jar.  

Amcor’s Performance Widemouth (PWM) technology delivers a unique panel-less design. The bottle’s four horizontal ribs and its stiff walls resist the vacuum as the product cools, therefore maintaining bottle shape, according to Amcor. The round 63-mm jar weighs just 51 grams and mimics the appearance of glass.

Another key feature is Amcor’s patented blow-trim technology, which ensures consistent finish dimensions, optimum closure performance and sealing integrity. The enhanced blow-trim process gives wide-mouth jars a flatter, smoother, and wider surface that maintains good fit and seal integrity.

The stock round jars are commercially available with the option of oxygen barrier offerings. Amcor expects pasta sauce to be the first hot-fill application to hit store shelves later this year.