Filamatic( andHedwin ( created a partnership that provides a single solution for Cubitainer applications for their customers. The Cubitainer® Combination Package is the original molded, flexible, low density polyethylene container in a box. This environmentally friendly, customizable container is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, packaging an array of products including the food and beverage industry.

Filamatic then provides liquid filling, capping, and integrated systems expertise, customizing the Cubitainer Filling System to meet your production needs and expectations. Filamatic is a trusted resource for liquid filling applications that require semi-automatic filling, automatic filling, automatic filling and capping, fully integrated Cubitainer line, or capping.  The Cubitainer Filling System has a fill accuracy of ± 0.5%, 1 inch lb of torque accuracy, and a push button setup and changeover.