The new Smart Dispenser fromSIG Combibloc( andServer( is the perfect combination to deliver a more hygienic, convenient, cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to dispense food products in the foodservice segment. Available for shelf-stable applications, the Smart Dispenser is the new solution to eliminate the mess, hassle and costs of dispensing food products.

The new Smart Dispenser is a durable and reusable dispensing unit designed by Server with a 2-year warranty. It provides a high product evacuation, dispensing up to 98% of the product, such as smoothie bases, beverage syrups and juice concentrates. The consistent dispensing portions maximize yield and minimize waste due to the precise portion control every time.

The Smart Dispenser uses the combiblocMaxi 46-ounce aseptic cartons from SIG Combibloc. Aseptic carton packs are convenient and safe to handle. The pump is inserted directly into the carton, preserving the purity and the quality of the product since there is no mess or waste caused by transferring the product to a separate container. The dispensing solution is NSF certified and complies with high safety standards.

The shelf-stable packaging does not require cold chain transportation or storage. Empty carton packs can be crushed for easy disposal. More importantly, aseptic carton packs are better for the environment compared to other types of food packaging. On average, aseptic cartons are composed of 75% renewable wood fibers from controlled and responsibly managed forests. It has a smaller environmental impact and uses fewer fossil resources than other food packaging. It’s also 100% recyclable where facilities exist.