GreenDustries( is making a name for itself by revolutionizing the foodservice packaging industry. GreenDustries is changing the way people eat fast food with its two proprietary packages: the PleatPak (for burgers and sandwiches) and the Magic Bag (for French fries and finger foods). The packaging provides the consumer with a superior consumption experience as it eliminates messy stains and cold, soggy food by using its unique pleated technology.  

The PleatPak and Magic Bag are manufactured to perfectly fit the contours of the food they are intended to contain. Other packaging products in the foodservice segment are merely different configurations of flat (sheet) wraps, boxes and bags that have been around for centuries.  

The PleatPak’s pleated package snugly surrounds and clutches the sandwich keeping the burger and toppings in place. The PleatPak provides the consumer a sanitary way to eat and prevents condiments from spilling onto one’s lap. It allows the sandwich to be eaten comfortably and neatly with just one hand. The PleatPak is also a solution for the nearly 70% of fast food consumers who order from the drive-thru window, many of whom eat in the car.  

The Magic Bag stands on its own, spreads out to form a pouch, transforms into a basket and offers a packaging solution for French fries and other finger foods. It allows you to eat in the most convenient way, whether you are sitting at a table, walking, in a car or sharing with friends. The Magic Bag also provides superior heat-retention, keeping the food warmer and crispier throughout consumption.  

The PleatPak is already being used at several iconic places including Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden in New York City. In addition, the PleatPak and Magic Bag are popping up at regional chains throughout North America, including Hero Certified Burger, Energy Kitchen and Bumpers Drive-In. The products are also used at many universities, food trucks and stand-alone locations and are carried by many distributors.  

The simple yet smart packaging products from GreenDustries are also a sustainable solution that is better for the environment. With tailored design, the PleatPak and Magic Bag use less material in their construction than competitive products. GreenDustries’ products have one of the smallest carbon footprints for to-go food packaging. In addition, the products are made using 100% recycled paper. These superior “green” qualities have earned GreenDustries the endorsement of esteemed environmental groups, including Dogwood Alliance.