Siemens Industry, Inc.( announces the introduction of the Simatic® Converting Toolbox module, a PLC-based control solution used in applications with a PLC as the central control system in which process controls are implemented. 

The Simatic module completes the application set that includes the Simotion® module, a group of high-performance motion control converting solutions, and the Sinamics® DCC (drive control chart) module with drive-based converting solutions. It offers the capability to integrate full converting lines and machines centralized on the Simatic S7 PLC platform. Functions include center winder, sectional drive control and a host of converting process and large functions. Systems can be implemented in Ladder, structured text or in a graphical functional block language.

Machine builders are now able to achieve considerably faster time to market by reducing the time required for engineering, programming, commissioning and documentation, as much as 80% in some cases. It offers modular open functions, for items such as winding, laminating, cross-cutting, calendaring, perforating, embossing, coating, flying saw, die cutting, traversing and more.

Components of the Converting Toolbox take the form of pre-programmed functions. Sample applications demonstrate how each function can be effectively and efficiently implemented into a machine design.  Some of the applications are ready-to-use after only minor modifications and even include basic HMI functionality.