Standard-Knapp ( announces its innovative 939S Versatron™  with a new lowering head module that is ideal for packers looking for solutions gentler than drop packing for their more fragile “green” containers.

The 939S Versatron Soft Catch Servo Case Packer has technology that enables packers to handle the thinner, lightweight, and more fragile glass containers being used in the move towards greener, more sustainable packaging. The 939S Versatron minimizes the amount of material needed for container partitions, and major national retail chains have achieved savings as high as 10% in the cost of a case.

In addition, the 939S Versatron shares the features of all Standard-Knapp packers, which include long life, easy operations and maintenance that makes changeover simple and fast, excellent and easy to use human-machine interface (HMI), and outstanding customer service. 

The lowering head module can pick up bottles and other containers and carry them to the packing area, where they can be packed in the case without dropping. The machine places the container all the way to the bottom of the case, at 30 cycles per minute, the fastest rate among lowering head machines. Designed primarily with wine, liquor, and beer containers in mind, it can also handle locking-shape containers.