H.B. Fuller Company (hbfuller.com) has launched a mobile web app featuring the company’s latest packaging adhesive innovations in North America. Packaging professionals can now catch H.B. Fuller’s wave of innovation directly from their mobile devices at hbfuller.com/web-app (QR Code® datacode provided), and access product information and downloads, mileage performance calculations and a packaging overview video.

The web app highlights H.B. Fuller’s newest adhesive solutions, including Advantra Encore™ case and carton adhesive, Liquamelt® adhesive and equipment system, and Flextra Fast™ flexible packaging laminating adhesives. Also included in the mobile web app is information on turning corrugated shipping containers into retail ready display trays through Adalis™ Corporation, a subsidiary of H.B. Fuller.  

H.B. Fuller’s mobile web app was warmly received by customers during demonstrations at PACK EXPO in late September. “We’re committed to sharing our adhesive knowledge with customers at their locations around the world, collaborating with them in our R&D laboratories, and now reaching out to them on their mobile devices,” explains Dennis Glock, H.B. Fuller global manager digital marketing communications. “The web app is a resource packaging professionals can access whenever they want more information about our specific packaging applications wherever they are working.”

The mobile web app is available for tablets, iPad® tablets and iPhone® smartphones, Android™ phones and BlackBerry® devices.