At the 2011 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo,Multisorb Technologieshighlighted active packaging technologies and solutions, including their recent improvements in the MAPLOX™ FreshPax CR oxygen scavenger for ground beef. Solutions include:
  • Ground beef packaged with or without tri-gas

  • MAPLOX™ for value-added fresh meats products such as kabobs and fajitas

  • PolyFresh™ active film for a built-in solution

  • FreshCard™ for baked goods, processed meats, and a wide variety of other food and nutritional products.
Multisorb also showcased their systems approach to sorbent dispensing, a system which easily integrates into existing packaging lines and offers a variety of options.  The APA-1000 FreshPax™ and StripPax™ system can dispense up to 135 packets per minute. The APA 3500 FreshPax™ and StripPax™ system has two dispensing heads and auto spool feed allowing for continuous operation. The APA-3500 dispenses 60 packets per minute. The APA-5000 FreshCard™ dispensing system uses stacked feeding and can dispense at a rate of 200 cards per minute.