Traders Point Creamery’s cottage cheese now in glass.  

Traders Point Creamery’s award-winning cottage cheese is now available in recyclable glass containers. The glass containers are manufactured byVeralliaand distributed throughStan Pac.

By using a glass container, the cottage cheese is preserved in a nonporous and impermeable container, extending the shelf life of the product compared to plastic containers. The glass jars maintain the cottage cheese’s integrity, meaning none of the leaching that occurs with plastic containers happens in the new glass jar and the shelf life of the cheese is extended, especially compared to plastic packaging. 

Glass containers are 100% recyclable and rated Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the only packaging material to receive that rating for foods and beverages. The transparent glass container allows the product to take center stage on the shelf allowing the cottage cheese to sell itself. And the Traders Point Creamery signature cow on the lid adds instant Americana to any kitchen.

Traders Point Creamery Cottage Cheese in glass containers is available at Whole Foods and in the Traders Point Creamery Store.