Assure Water On-The-Go beverage line uses 30% less material.

Assure Water On-The-Go beverage line is available in six all natural flavors and is packaged in innovative, 12-ounce, single-serve flexible pouches with a tamper evident sports cap.

The containers are easy to carry and are better for the environment. They're lighter and more compact than plastic bottles of the same capacity, and they use 30% times less material, costing less to ship, less to store, and savings on fuel and energy at every point in the production cycle.

Assure water, thanks to three years of development and research in innovation, is first to market with the pouch system with a sports cap. Coupled with cutting edge ingredient’s Omega 3, D-Ribose and Acai as just a few in the line-up along with flavors like Tropical Tangerine, Kiwi Strawberry Melon and Blueberry Pomegranate clearly leads in innovation and exceeding consumer expectations in the hydration category.

The water is now available at Shaw’s Markets in 6 New England states and will be available nationally by the end of 2011.