Nonni’s introduces biscotti bites in flexible packaging.

Nonni's, the original biscotti maker, introduces Biscotti Bites, a mini-version of its biscotti, in a bag designed for on-the-go snacking. Formally only available in full-size biscotti packaged in a plastic tray and then in a paperboard box, the new biscotti bites are a big change for the company. The flexibility and durability of the new transportable snack bag allows consumers to bend and fold the bag effortlessly. The new size and easy-use bag offer more snacking options.  

"In order for us to better service our consumers, we wanted to find out what we could do better to enhance their experience with our product," says Matt Duffy, marketing director for Nonni's. "Biscotti Bites are an easy solution for consumers who want to snack on gourmet cookies on-the-go; it communicates a less 'fancy' and more 'everyday' biscotti."  

The biscotti bites packs are available at select stores, including Kroger and Hiller’s and retail for $3.49-$3.99. Nonni’s biscotti is also sold at Costco.