All American Pet Company, Inc. announces launch of super premium CHEWIES brand.

All American Pet Company, Inc. CHEWIES™ are a true 25% super-premium protein treat packaged in one pound canisters. The semi-moist ¼-ounce chunks all natural formula meets all of the AAFCO dog food nutrition standards.

Dog treats continue to be the fastest growing segment of the entire pet food market. The dog treat market reached an all-time high of $2.1 billion in sales during 2010 and is expected to grow by roughly 26% through 2015.

Discussions in Kansas with co-packer's and processing machinery manufacturer's assure that AAPT will be able to produce two to three tons of CHEWIES per hour, which means that four to six thousand canisters of CHEWIES per hour can be produced. Barry Schwartz, AAPT CEO, affirms that the company will be able to keep pace with the growing consumer demand for treats from its 45,000 -- and growing number of -- retail accounts.

"CHEWIES are the guilt free treat, so I don't have to worry about sugars, useless fillers and endless preservatives. My dogs deserve the best and CHEWIES are better than the best," says, Lisa Bershan AAPT, president.