Diet Coke brings new style to the soft drink aisle.

The latest evolution in Diet Coke's iconic “Stay Extraordinary” campaign features a modern limited-time-only look for fall on the Diet Coke aluminum can and a series of new ads on television and out-of-home.

"Fall is a time for new looks and renewed energy and Diet Coke's new campaign and can design celebrate just that," says William White, group brand director, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola North America. "It's a reflection of the self-assured and confident people who enjoy Diet Coke every day."

The can design, created by San Francisco-based design agencyTurner Duckworth, features a section of the Diet Coke logo, cropped to feature the "D" and the "k," set against the brand's signature silver backdrop, creating a bold look.

"The new Diet Coke design is at once understated and overstated," says David Turner, partner Turner Duckworth. "The understatement of a monogram, rather than the full name, and the overstatement of the extremely enlarged logo, both demonstrate the brand's renewed self-confidence."

The new can and packaging design for Diet Coke began appearing in the market September 1st and will make way on store shelves for holiday themed cans in November.