Double-Cola launches redesign.

Double-Cola’s extraordinary new look and same refreshingly smooth taste is a combination sure to create a favorable impression with new consumers. The brand is rolling out new graphics and new packaging designed to connect with a growing market of youthful consumers who expect something unique and refreshing out of a soft drink.

In fact, Double-Cola is rolling out new packaging with the tagline “refreshingly smooth." New Double-Cola and Diet Double-Cola cans and 12 packs hit stores in mid-March, just in time to celebrate the company’s 90th birthday. The new packaging is a bold and iconic look, a look perfect for a company that knows how to compete in a world of big name colas.

Originally launched in 1933, Double-Cola first shook up the soda-pop world when it became the first soft drink marketed in 12-ounce bottles, which was double the size of other colas.

Now, they’re shaking it up again. The new packaging is designed to stand out on the shelves and attract a younger generation of cola drinkers.

The Double Cola Company’s Vice President Gina McCommon says, “Double-Cola is different and always has been. We offer a fresh and unique flavor, and our new packaging sends that message.”