Ciao Bella Gelato uses powerful market research to update its package.

Ciao Bella Gelato, one of the nation’s premier frozen dessert makers, selectedAffinnova, Inc., a global provider of marketing innovation software and services, to assist in a product packaging redesign. Utilizing Affinnova’s innovation technologies, Ciao Bella was able to pick a new packaging design that had 65% greater appeal to consumers compared to the current design.

In order to maintain its market position, Ciao Bella decided to make a packaging change for their gelato and sorbet products. Ciao Bella selected Affinnova and its optimization technology to determine what product packaging would have the most appeal to Ciao Bella’s target audience. Affinnova employed its IDDEA II innovation platform to explore more than six million packaging design concepts directly with current and potential Ciao Bella consumers. Through this process, the concepts were quickly narrowed to two leading candidates. The top concept achieved 65% greater appeal to consumers than the current design. Furthermore, both new concepts were also more-preferred by consumers of rival sorbet and gelato companies. Through Affinnova’s research, Ciao Bella was able to decide on a new packaging design that greatly appealed to consumers of competing products while dramatically improving the appeal of its packaging to its loyal customers.

The company’s gelato and sorbet are based on traditional Italian recipes and are found on supermarket shelves and in their own retail outlets across the country.