Polenghi- Coltivia uses aerosol technology for its eggs.

Polenghi- Coltivia launches eggs in an aerosol can. The product is available in a 300 gram aerosol can (equivalent to six eggs) equipped with a ‘cream dispenser’ (the same as the one used for cans of whipped cream). The advanced aerosol technology from theLindal Group(www.lindalgroup.com) dispenses the eggs as a mousse-like substance; they then quickly reduce to the aspect of an ordinary egg.

The recyclable aluminum aerosol can be kept for several months at room temperature.

The push-pull market phenomenon powering aerosol-packaging in foods is global and driven by available technology, as well as several key consumer megatrends, such as the need for convenience, the embrace of healthy foods and the quest for value. 

According to Philip Brand, Global Marketing Director for Lindal Group, “The food itself is separated from the propellant and protected from light and air – the enemies of food -- thus enhancing hygienic appeal. Further, aerosol foods are designed for precise, efficient dosage. You use only what you need, when you need it. There is no waste – and value is a huge consumer driver these days,” Brand says.

The can, just launched in Italy in January 2012, retails for 3.50 euros, and will soon expand into UK and European markets.