Company changes its name, logo and identity.

Malt-O-Meal, founded in 1919, has changed its corporate identity to MOM Brands. With over 10 brands and 100 product offerings, the company is now aligning its corporate identity with the mission to deliver better ways for people to start their days.

MOM Brands reached out to Duffy & Partners ( to help with the redesign, including corporate identity and brand architecture, an iconography system, brand new website look and overall feel and business materials. In celebration of MOM Brands’ dynamic, trustworthy, unique, simple and fun attributes, Duffy created merchandising materials and a colorful brand expansion.

“We’re not the same company we were 100 years ago. We wanted to reflect the company we’ve grown to be. MOM Brands is a great platform for all of our brands,” says Chris Neugent, Chairman and CEO of MOM Brands.