Tonic health shot drink package, formula targets good health.

Tonic, a 100% natural health shot, from PurBlu, is hitting stores and offering consumers a healthful alternative and an all-natural botanical boost. PurBlu teamed withLittle Big Brandsto design packaging that could bring the brand into the natural food realm, break the energy drink/shot paradigm and create something that signals ‘natural elixir’.

Vibrant color palettes were chosen to speak to the nature of each variety– relaxing blues for ‘Calm’, vital reds for ‘Immunity’, medicinal greens for ‘Detox’, stimulating oranges for ‘Focus’, and uplifting yellows for ‘Energy’. The badge locks up vital information while remaining organic. Key natural ingredients are featured on the neck of the bottle. Printing partnerMulti-Color Corporationutilized reverse printing on shrink film to achieve the dynamic labels that are applied to 2.5-oz PET bottles fromAmcor.

Further prodding byF&BPhas revealed that Little Big Brands faced the following design challenges in the process:
  •        Creating a design that provided big impact on a really small canvas (bottle)

  •        Designing around the realities of the bottles

  •        Creating a distortion-proof design with consistent shrink labeling

  •        Accomplishing clear distinction with each color within the palette

Tonic is available at natural food, convenience and wellness stores nationwide and at select Whole Foods Market locations, GNC concept stores and online at Suggested retail price is $2.99.