Honest Tea goes for a simple look.

Honest Tea unveils a redesign of its PET polyethylene terephthalate line of Honest Tea and Honest Ade. The label refresh was initiated more than three years ago after a series of consumer insights suggested that the brand could be making a bigger visual impact on store shelves.

The new designs feature a white background that highlights clean, vibrant images of the ingredients.  Fresh tea leaves and large cut-open fruit are presented in an elegant and often playful way, to reinforce the simplicity and deliciousness of the ingredients.  The tea labels also feature a prominent call-out specifying "Brewed Organic [Green, Black or White] Tea Leaves" to reinforce the authenticity of the ingredients. The images on the Honest Ade labels include fun treatment of the fruit by giving it unexpected scale and context– such as a lemon half serving as a beach umbrella. To further increase shelf standout, the brand's logo has evolved too.  While maintaining the Garamond font that has become a part of the brand's graphic identity, the word "Honest" is now larger, to create greater brand unity across the line.  The iconic "T" shape remains as a recognizable symbol on the line of tea products.  

Honest Tea's internal team worked with international brand design agency Turner Duckworth (www.turnerduckworth.com) to help develop the new label design architecture.  Michael Kravit, Honest Tea's creative director says, "We drew inspiration from the simplicity of the ingredients to drive the overall look and as a result, the labels are true to the Honest brand and what's inside the bottle."

"We had a lot of fun developing this new look," says Peter Kaye, the company’s VP of marketing  "We want our labels to stand out on store shelves and drive appetite appeal, all while maintaining our signature Honest brand look. We are thrilled to finally be unveiling our hard work and think both our loyal consumers, and many new consumers, will be interested in the appetizing images and fun stories each variety takes on."