Corona Extra bottles receive a makeover for the Find Your Beach campaign.

To promote Corona Extra’s spring campaign, Find your beach, Modelo Molson Imports commissioned Toronto design studioShikatani Lacroixto create Collector’s Edition bottle designs.

The objective is to help consumers find their "happy place" with each design (nine in total) featuring a relaxing getaway such as mountains, lakes, beaches and cottage country. 

“The goals of the packaging design were to increase visibility at retail, drive the intent to purchase and create' wow',” says Shikatani Lacroix president Jean-Pierre Lacroix. “And it worked. The brightly colored bottles are generating a lot of curiosity and appeal.”

The colorful images are shrink wrapped on the glass bottles and go all the way up the neck of the bottle for greater visibility. Design elements were also added to the 6-pack carrier. The packaging design has been well received and has already won a 2011 PAC Packaging Competition Award.