Revamped packaging makes it easy to find your flavor.

Starbucks introduces its Blonde Roast coffee, a lighter roast coffee developed in response to customer demand for a milder brewed coffee option.  

Also, Starbucks has launched new coffee packaging at Starbucks retail stores and grocery stores. The new packaging is organized by roast (Blonde, Medium and Dark), allowing customers to more easily find their favorites by taste and intensity.  

Food and Beverage Packaging further learned that the repackaging has been updated to showcase flavor and roast by the use of color. The new packaging will make it easier for consumers to choose a coffee blend that is right for them.  

“We also know through research that shoppers spend, on average, 60 seconds in the coffee aisle making a decision. This will definitely help shoppers navigate Starbucks options given the limited amount of time they have to choose a coffee,” says Toki Wolf, senior manager of Creative for Starbucks.  

Wolf also adds, “This packaging was designed by the Starbucks Global Creative Studio. The goal was to join the science of how customers shop coffee with our passion for & the history of our coffee.  We did this by incorporating the roast architecture into the design while still maintaining elements of historical visual iconography. We did not make any material changes. However, we did add a pearlescent sheen to the white on the bags.”  

Starbucks® Blonde Roast coffee retails for $11.95-$13.95 for 1 pound whole bean packages. At national grocery stores, the coffee retails for $9.99 for 12-ounce ground coffee.