The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) introduced its on-product labels to give consumers and businesses more detailed information supporting “green” claims.

Market testing performed by the Artemis Strategy Group in the United States and Canada shows that 70% of consumers would choose a product that is made from responsible sources of wood fiber if it was clearly labeled on the product.

The three labels, which communicate that the company is third-party certified to SFI standards and that the product comes from known and legal fiber sources, replace the 10 labels previously available to participants. The labels communicate the following:

“Promoting Sustainable Forest Management” shows that the company is certified to SFI’s chain-of-custody standard, which tracks how much of a product’s wood fiber comes from a certified forest.

“Certified Fiber Sourcing” shows that a company is certified to SFI’s fiber sourcing guidelines and/or Objectives 8-13 in the 2005-2009 SFI Standard.

A new combination label for chain-of-custody companies shows the percent of fiber sourced from a certified forest through certified fiber sourcing guidelines and/or how much recycled content is in the product.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative