New lab will showcase unit-level serialization capabilities for bottles and cartons.

Omega Design Corporation(, a global provider of innovative packaging machinery and serialization solutions, has expanded its on-site demonstration laboratory to showcase its innovative approaches to unit-level serialization. The Demo Lab is open for visitation by current and prospective customers as well as relevant companies, officials and organizations throughout the life sciences industry.

Omega Design Corporation’s Demo Lab showcases high integrity aggregation equipment that can be part of a comprehensive serialization solution. Visitors can interact with a fully automated serialized bottle line and – new to the lab – a manual case packing line for serialized cartons. The lab supports printers, vision systems and software platforms from a variety of providers as well the OmegaTrack™ family of track and trace equipment. Upon consultation, the lab is adaptable to meet clients’ needs.

In addition to showcasing its own capabilities, Omega designed the Demo Lab to educate clients on the complex topic of serialization and best-in-class solutions. Visitors can meet with a team of experts to learn more about supply chain security and pending e-Pedigree legislation, including the current mandate that California will implement starting in 2015.  Consultation services are available to discuss various types of line equipment and software data management systems, with the goal of matching clients with customized solutions.

“Our enhanced Demo Lab provides another level of customer service – a space in our facility dedicated solely to education on unit-level serialization,” says Glenn Siegele, president of Omega Design Corporation. “As unit-level serialization continues to gain momentum in markets across the world, we see this as a place where visitors can gain a better understanding of what this means specifically for their individual companies. In other words, the Demo Lab provides customized solutions to a complicated overarching issue – one that soon may come into play on an industry-wide scale.”