Partnership aims to provide advanced, microbe-free paperboard solutions.

Proteus Packaging( announces its partnership withCosilion(, a developer of innovative coatings that, when applied to paperboard packaging, result in a safe, long-lasting barrier to harmful germs.

After leaving the packaging facility, a product may pass through several locations and come in contact with multiple handlers before finally being opened. Each step toward its final destination creates an opportunity for contamination from viruses, bacteria and funguses. By harnessing the inherent microbial resistance of silver and copper ions, Cosilion’s proprietary formula leads to a dramatic reduction in such pathogens.
According to lab tests conforming to EN 45001 quality standards, the coatings lowered germ levels by as much as 99.99%. Cosilion’s technology even showed this level of effectiveness against more dangerous microbes such as E. coli bacteria.

“As a packager that serves numerous clients in the health care, pharmaceutical and food industries, we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to virtually eliminate the possibility of contamination at our facility,” says Tim Wayman, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Proteus. “By teaming with Cosilion, we’re now able to help ensure the safety of products long after they’re shipped to the customer.”

Cosilion’s safe, naturally derived coatings can be easily mixed with a variety of inks and other substrates, resulting in a low-cost solution with limited impact on the packaging process. Imperceptible, the coatings do not change the look and feel of a carton or its sustainability. The formula provides a durable barrier to germs that maintains its effectiveness over time.

“Historically, the main emphasis for manufacturers has been the safety of the product itself, ignoring pathogens that reside on packaging,” says Jeff Lord,of Cosilion “The versatility of our coatings allows forward-thinking companies like Proteus to go a step further and protect what’s outside, too.”