Mondi and iFoodbag®: Working together on an innovative packaging solution
Swedish start-up iFoodbag AB has conceived the idea to revolutionize deliveries of temperature-controlled goods in an environmentally-friendly way and has been looking for a manufacturing partner to industrialize and produce this innovative packaging solution.

Mondi Group supports co-operations with up and coming young companies. Our latest cooperation is with iFoodbag AB and has resulted in an exclusive partnership.

Integration and expertise to realize innovative packaging ideas
iFoodbag AB is completely confident that it has found in Mondi a competent, forward-thinking company that can successfully contribute to the industrialization and marketing of the iFoodbag®: “Mondi Industrial Bags is a leader within the industry, with production facilities all over the world, which is a prerequisite for our global expansion rollout this year,” explains Karl Fallgren, CEO of iFoodbag AB.

Mondi Industrial Bags has assessed various possible approaches to manufacture the iFoodbag®: The company's global network of plants and the wealth of experience gained during the joint development of other packaging and paper-based bag solutions have been key to enable large scale production of the concrete bag in a very short time. 

Collaboration, every day
iFoodbag®, for which several patents are pending, is made of an innovative paper-based composite material. The product design and manufacturing required involvement of different components and materials. Our strong integration across different packaging segments has enabled a quick and successful development:

  • Mondi Sack Kraft Paper with paper base materials,
  • Mondi Extrusion Coatings with barrier and protective functionalities,
  • Mondi Consumer Packaging contributing to the converting process, and
  • Mondi Industrial Bags manufacturing and distributing the iFoodbag®.

Customer Focus, every day
Collaborating with customers and listening to feedback are important to turn innovative ideas into reality. At Mondi we encourage customers with specific requirements to collaborate closely with us during the development process.
A strong R&D infrastructure within the group supports innovative and customized solutions:

  • the R&D Innovation Centre,
  • the Bag Application Centre and
  • the Print Competence Centre as well as 
  • the Food Safety Laboratory that develops optimized solutions that meet the most stringent food safety requirements. 

In the development process our goal is to develop innovative, forward-looking ideas which are aligned with our firm focus on sustainable solutions.

Successful partnership
The partnership has already proven to be successful. iFoodbag® is available for online retailers one year earlier than original plan of the Swedish start-up. Deliveries have been made to several customers in Europe and Africa, who could witness the iFoodbag® performance. In addition, there is strong interest from retailers in North America and Asia.

“We are equally excited about this partnership, as we see in iFoodbag AB a perfect fit with our own innovation culture. We strongly believe in the innovative strength of the iFoodbag® and the many benefits it will bring to retailers and consumers,” confirms Claudio Fedalto, sales & marketing director, Mondi Industrial Bags. “We will support iFoodbag AB with our expertise in bag production, packaging know-how and strong global production footprint.”