Lessebo Paper will produce the ballots used in the Swedish Election 2022. The company has been producing paper since 1693, making it one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Sweden. Lessebo Paper focuses on sustainable and innovative graphic paper in the premium segment.
 The choice fell on Lessebo Paper’s Colorit Chamois and Colorit Sky blue, which will be used for ballot papers in the 2022 parliamentary elections and elections to the regional council. "The fact that we have received the order to the Swedish Election 2022 confirms reliability and confidence in our quality” states Göran Johansson, Chairman of the board at Lessebo Paper AB. “In addition, we are proud that the Swedish people will use their democratic right and vote with Swedish climate-friendly papers from Lessebo Paper.”
 The company is an industry leader in environmentally friendly paper production and is committed to developing high-performance papers and boards for international markets. Just in May of this year, Lessebo Paper announced that its production of pulp and paper emits only 19 kg CO2 per tonne of finished product, resulting in a decrease of 14 percent compared to last year’s already historically low CO2 figure.