The interface allows quick and trouble free online ordering.

FlexLink( presented its first online ordering tool in 2006, and today it is frequently used by design engineers at end-users, system builders and machine manufacturers worldwide. The global launch of the new online store started in March, following an extensive test period.

A powerful search engine supports both new and expert users finding the conveyor parts they need. The search is made on component reference, name, description or even partial name, and instantly detailed information such as pictures, dimensions, packing specifications and price is displayed.

The complete ordering process is made as lean and time-saving as possible:
  • Part lists are easily exported to the online store when designing conveyor systems and layouts in tools such as FlexLink’s drag-and-drop design tool Configura® or FlexCAD.

  • Configurable items are also ordered in a few clicks through the online configurator.
Conveyor modules are easily selected from the layout library in straight design, with one or two bends, or configured as elevators. By defining a limited number of parameters, the design is ready to order, and the conveyor module is delivered pre-assembled to the installation site.

Items such as conveyor chain and drive units are effortlessly configured to match the required specification, and allow engineers to choose from hundreds of variants, still getting the shortest delivery time. Modules for pallet and puck handling, such as locating units, are also easily configured and delivered with required accessories included for straightforward installation and accurate functionality.

Viktor Hermanson, Group Marketing Manager at FlexLink, concludes, “The new online store is a fundamental part of FlexLink’s strategy with a focus on making qualified engineering easy. The service level to customers is increased and users instantly get access to detailed technical information about our products, their availability and an intuitive and easy to use an additional purchase channel. The answers are accurate and prompt whenever questions are raised, no matter the time or day. The strong feedback from customers during the development and test period tells us this is an attractive, true 24/7 solution.”