EcoLogic and Letica partnership extends Eco-One’s use to plastic cookie dough containers.

EcoLogic (, a company creating and providing environmentally responsible solutions globally for plastics, announces that Internationally Delicious, Inc./Masterpiece Cookies (“Masterpiece Cookies”) will use the company’s Eco-One additives to enhance the biodegradation of plastic containers produced for them byLetica Corporation( 

Masterpiece Cookies is the exclusive manufacturer for Masterpiece Fundraising . Their products are distributed through the efforts of schools, groups, churches, sports teams and various other organizations. Plastic containers for their cookie dough will be manufactured with Eco-One to enhance the biodegradability of this plastic package when disposed of in biologically active landfills.

“Letica and Masterpiece Cookies discussed ways to make their plastic packaging more earth-friendly, and after hearing a direct response from Masterpiece Cookies that they wanted a more environmentally conscious container for their fundraising products, looked toward Eco-One as the best approach to take to change their plastic packaging,” says Dan Tafaro, Director of Marketing & Sustainability for Letica Corporation. “Eco-One provided a flawless solution to deliver a real world environmental benefit with performance and function that parallels traditional plastic resins, without altering the fit and function of the container or how our customer would be using it.”

 “As we work to bring a broad range of consumer applications to market through our partners we are excited to support the launch of this unique cookie dough container with Masterpiece Cookies,” says Galen Killam, Director of National Accounts for EcoLogic. “This is especially significant as it continues to illustrate Eco-One’s high performance characteristics as it relates to food contact applications.”

Masterpiece Cookies President Alyson Bartel is equally positive. “Masterpiece has always been forward thinking in terms of quality and services for our customers. This change is important and responsible both environmentally and in the clear message it delivers to our children and their families who enjoy our products. Masterpiece Cookies cares about doing the right thing.”