The company is actively hiring in the bad economy.

The high unemployment rate has been a focal point in the news for the past few years, and yet companies have had a hard time finding qualified candidates. So how big of a problem is the US manufacturing sector facing in the years to come? 

One packaging machinery vendor,ARPAC,is thinking outside the box on all levels and is committed to in-house training, skills development and focused recruiting. 

To approach the recruiting, where it all starts, the company placed a recruitment billboard along Interstate highway 294-Northbound (between North and Grand Avenues) and is running commercials on the radio.  The goal is to support the Chicagoland area by providing jobs by actively recruiting for multiple positions including mechanical engineers, field service technicians, assemblers, machinists and welders.  The openings are postedherewithin the ARPAC website.

The ARPAC Group, located in Schiller Park, is committed to growing the company by 15% in 2011 and doubling the size by 2014.  In jobs, that relates to a 10% growth in employment which is the complete opposite of the unemployment rate.

ARPAC is a recognized leader in manufacturing innovative end-of-line packaging machinery solutions.  It is a vertically integrated industrial manufacturing company with a full staff of mechanical and electrical engineers, a state of the art CNC machining and fabrication facility, complete electrical and mechanical assembly operations, and a team of field service technicians that have installed more than 30,000 systems worldwide.

A fully U.S. based manufacturing and service organization, ARPAC is committed to building in the U.S. and keeping jobs at home. ARPAC not only wants the business to succeed, it wants the community to succeed too.