Effective June 1, 2013, ARPAC FOOD GROUP officially changed its name to Point Five Packaging, LLC. This name change has come about as a result of the recapitalization of parent company ARPAC, LP. In this recapitalization, ARPAC FOOD GROUP was spun out as a separate entity and required to use a name other than ''ARPAC'' which is propriety to the other entity.

Point Five Packaging LLC is a well funded and stable stand alone organization and in reality have been operating as such for the whole of 2013. The company will continue to honor and maintain all terms and contracts.  

Please note, all personnel and contact information that you are accustomed with will remain unchanged until further notice. Please make the necessary changes in your internal systems to reflect this development.

Point Five Packaging, formerly ARPAC FOOD GROUP, was established in 2010 as a full service distributor and packaging systems supplier with an intense focus on the food industry. In a few short years Point Five has developed a network of suppliers and resources that delivers the most advanced materials and packaging technology to today's food processors and retail environments. Our team of packaging and food industry veterans lends expertise to package design as well as operational layout efficiency and productivity.                          

Point Five boasts an enormous stock tooling program for thermoformed and injection molded products, including Polypropylene (microwave safe), crystal clear APET thermoformed trays and aluminum containers and are industry leaders in the supply of CPET, dual ovenable containers and products. Our low cost tooling allows for a lower barrier of entry for smaller, start-up companies and lower volume runs. Our stock inventory program can be customized to each of our customers delivery needs. We have the fastest concept to market capability in the country with in-house tray designers that bring your packaging ideas to life.