Frito-Lay’s decision to stop using polylactic acid (PLA) for most of its SunChips bags is generating both positive and negative backlash, according to a website that monitors trends in social media. Informationcompiled at WaveMetrixshow that some social media users are “disappointed” in Frito-Lay’s decision to pull the bags after complaints that they become too noisy when crinkled, while others applaud the company’s green efforts in general. According to WaveMetrix, the decision to pull the PLA bags generated about 16% “positive buzz” and 47% “negative buzz.” However, WaveMetrix also says that of its sampling of social media comments about Frito-Lay products in general, about 20% are positive and only about 2% are negative (the remainder being unclassifiable). The trends are interesting because the backlash against the PLA bag was largely focused and driven by Facebook pages.