Kraft Foods is introducing in 2010 more than 20 new products that feature restaurant-inspired flavors, along with convenient portion-control options. The company’s cue comes from the top 10 flavors that consumers desire to see on restaurant menus, including bold flavors, especially Italian- or Mexican-inspired.

"Hot and spicy is big, so chipotle and garlic are key flavor notes, while berry-infused items remain on-trend,” explains John Li, director of Kraft Foods’ Culinary Center. All ages are “asking for more adventurous taste experiences." Examples: Planters Flavor Grove Chili Lime almonds, chipotle-flavored Sandwich Shop Mayo, and Jalapeño American Deli Deluxe cheese slices.

Additionally, new Jell-O SKUs feature 60 calories per serving, while the 100-Calorie Pack platform that Kraft pioneered moves into the dairy case with single-serve packs of Kraft Cheese Bites. In February, Kool-Aid Fun Fizz drink drops debut to turn an 8-ounce glass of water into a tasty five-calorie drink.