Confused about label claims such as "Free Range," "No Additives," or “Biodegradable”?

You’re not alone, but now there’s a solution at your fingertips. It’s a cell phone application that cuts through label-claim confusion as the melding of product packaging and consumer empowerment continues.

Label Lookup allows users to verify label declarations as they shop. Label Lookup has rated 169 claims that may appear on everything from fish to coffee to dairy products. It sorts the claims using a three-leaf graphic as to the strength of the claim; for example, a response of three leaves signifies a verified third-party claim such as USDA Organic. All evaluations are based on EPA, USDA, Consumer's Union and other qualified certifier Web sites. iPhone users can download the app for free at the iTunes Store while other mobile phone users can text “lookup” plus the label claim to 69866. For more information,