Although interest in active and intelligent packaging is growing, a survey of food and beverage industry executives found that 57.3% of respondents were not at all aware or slightly aware of active and intelligent packaging. The results are from the study  The Future of Active and Intelligent Packaging in Food and Drinks: Enabling Technologies, Optimized Consumption and Multi-Sensory Features published by Research and Markets.

Food safety and traceability, food wastage and environmental concerns are influencing the uptake of active and intelligent packaging technologies in the food and drinks sector, it states. It also noted that the focus of active and intelligent packaging has moved from specific retailer- and manufacturer- driven benefits like shelf-life extension and spoilage protection, to include more consumer-focused benefits such as freshness, quality and information. 

In another finding, 5.3% of executives stated that active and intelligent packaging will have “some” or “a large” impact on innovation within the food and drinks sector over the next five years.

Identified as the most important innovations for consumers over the next five years are: freshness and quality indicators, temperature and time indicators, flavor and aroma releasing technologies, natural antimicrobials, and self-heating and cooling technologies.