Food shoppers are increasingly hunting bargains, recipes and more in cyberspace, and mobile phones are a growing part of the phenomenon, according to a new Deloitte survey. The consulting firm’s new2010 Consumer Food Safety Surveyreports that:
• 23% of respondents have visited a food company’s website for product information
• 36% said they visited a food company’s website for recipes
• 23% have made a food purchase as a result of something they read online
In addition, 7% of the respondents said they used their mobile/smart phones inside a grocery store to help guide their purchases. Among such respondents, reasons included:
• Comparing prices (53%)
• Getting coupons or other discounts (44%)
• Getting nutritional information (28%)
The phone findings have a potential direct impact on packaging. Some packages have used 2D and other codes that, when scanned by a camera phone, can trigger various features on a website, including interactive promos and links to coupons and recipes.