Coca Cola's white polar bear themed holiday can has been halted, two months before their run-through date (SeeCoca-Cola red cans are turning white ).

Issues over the white can confusing some buyers who think it’s a silver Diet Coke can and die-hard red can fans are just some of the many theories behind its failings. Coca-Cola responded to the sudden change with an introduction to a similar polar bear-themed can but this time back to red and issued the followingcompany statement:

Earlier this fall, Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched "Arctic Home" to raise awareness and funds for the polar bear and its Arctic habitat. The campaign has created widespread excitement around our first-ever change from red cans to white. People are talking about, sharing and making contributions to help protect the polar bear's home with us.

People have told us they love the limited-edition white "Arctic Home" Coca-Cola cans, and we know they love our iconic red cans, especially during the holidays.  So we're introducing the next limited-edition "Arctic Home" can, which will still feature the same polar bears, but with our iconic red Coca-Cola background.

Starting in early December, people will find new red "Arctic Home" cans on store shelves. This limited edition can continues to advance our campaign efforts to protect the polar bear's Arctic home. The limited-edition white "Arctic Home" cans will remain on store shelves until supplies last.

Phase II of "Arctic Home" will kick off with an enhanced integrated marketing program, prominently featuring both the polar bear and our iconic Santa Claus icon. Red can imagery will be on new point-of-sale in stores and featured across our television, cinema, print, digital and out-of-home advertising.