ThePackaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute(PMMI) Board of Directors welcomed six new members, and also elected its 2009 Executive Committee. The new members on the Board of Directors areRichard Bahr, CEO and president of MGS Machine Corp.;Jeffrey Bigger, president and owner of MASSMAN Automation Designs;Richard Fox, president and CEO of FOX IV Technologies Inc.;Rocky Marquis, president of MARQ Packaging Systems Inc.;Mark Reichert, president of A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.; andCarol Shuttleworth, president and CEO of Shuttleworth Inc. The 2009 Executive Committee will consist ofRandy Spahrof Goodman Packaging as chairman of the board;Glenn Siegeleof Omega Design Corp. as vice chairman;James Andersonof Marlen as past chairman; andCharles Yuskaof PMMI as president and CEO.