Clearly Clean Products, LLC(, introduces a recyclable Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) tray for meat, poultry, entrées and kebobs. The FDA-compliant tray utilizes a patented process of applying a peelable, thin liner to an RPET tray (the same material as water bottles). The patented, printed liner provides barrier protection to maintain shelf life and can be customized to meet marketing objectives.

Recyclable trayConsumer demand and government regulations are propelling the need for eco-friendly packaging. To date, environmentally focused companies have been forced to see their products placed in foam or plastic MAP trays, which is counter to the sustainability vision.

“Clearly Clean is proud to be able to help companies extend their sustainability focus from the farm to the store to the home,” says Jeff Maguire, president of Clearly Clean Products, LLC. “Weis Markets is an example of a company that has embraced this concept.”

Weis Markets has implemented Clearly Clean’s recyclable tray as part of its sustainability strategy and has recently replaced all of its lid-sealed plastic trays for meat products – making it the first grocery chain to go green with its MAP trays.

“This new packaging program underscores our strong commitment to adopting sustainable practices to minimize our impact on the environment,” says Patti Olenick, sustainability manager for Weis Markets. “We are continually increasing our conservation efforts, providing recycling opportunities for both our associates Recyclable trayand customers, and evaluating our store designs to meet with our standards for environmental leadership and stewardship. We strive to lead by example, helping to make a significant difference in our communities.”

Clearly Clean’s tray is simple for the processors to seal -- and easy for the consumer to use. Also, the trays work within existing equipment. And consumers handle the trays the same way they have always done, except they are instructed to merely peel and discard the liners and recycle the trays in their recycle bins.

The tray is manufactured in the U.S. and comes in industry-standard sizes: 10S and 3P. It is also competitively priced with current, non-recyclable MAP trays.

“Clearly Clean will continue to develop new products within our Peel-A-Tray line that bring pioneering solutions to everyday problems,” says Millard Wallace, the product’s inventor.